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About Xephyr

This web site Xephyr.com and my company Xephyr Systems got its start in the fall of 1995 when I started to do some contract work and at the same time I started to get into Java programming pretty heavily. At that time I had developed some newton freeware and wanted to distribute it over the interenet. With that as a motivation I started researching the internet and it's various emerging technologies. I realized that internet applications could provide portability, and true platform independence for todays and especially tomorrows computers. With this in mind I have been concentrating on developing web based applications for education, industry and enterprise where the processing and storing of information is critical, but portability and user interface is also given consideration.

In particular 3 dimensional graphics, modeling and rendering are some of the things we like to play around with. As an exercise in mathematics XrayMan was created, a simple 3-D rendering program.

We like Artificial Intelligence, for sure! Suffice it to say that AI is also high on our list of interests. While not true AI, newt-tac-toe incorporates a search technique that would be commonly used in most AI-game playing programs.

The fill-it-in puzzles are created using a crossword puzzle generator which has tree searching techniques that most students of AI would find familiar.

Software Development

We take concepts from start to finish delivering all aspects of a software develpoment project cycle.

Contracting & Consulting

We are looking for consulting and contract work particularly work having to do with WebObjects development.

Internet Applications

We are commited to providing the greatest interaction within all Internet and Intranet networked applications. This is why we speciailize in creating dynamic web sites using all of the diverse set of tools and technologies. We also develop by knowing all phases from interface and concpetual design to programming, network implementation and data storage.