Independent Contractor
Xephyr Systems
Brownstown, MI

VoloMac a port of Windows virtual reality application. Ported from Windows to Mac and then to iPhone. Using SDL OpenGL application framework. FFmpeg video codecs and libraries. Virtual Reality software for exercise equipment, using a hyperbolic mirror to film a walk through as a omnidirectional vision system, a simple heads up display and an iPhone to give a 360 degree field of view while operating standard industry exercise equipment.


Mac OS X 10.5, iPhone 3GS. C/C++, CoCoa, iPhone 3.2 SDK, Simple Directmedia Layer (SDL), FFmpeg. Subversion. XCode 3.2 IDE, Visual Studio IDE.

Small business development, web site design, web site construction, WordPress, MediaWiki, Joomla, setup and maintenance, cloud based integration. Google Apps integration with email services for delivering best of breed small office solutions. Integration to SalesForce cloud based Customer Relation Management (CRM).


Mac OS X 10.6, MS-Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux. LAMP, Java, PHP, CSS, JavaScript. JQuery, MooTools. MySQL, sqlite. Coda, TextMate, FireFox Plugins, XCode 3.2 IDE, Eclipse IDE.


Senior Software Engineer
Gene Codes Corporation
Ann Arbor, MI

Cross platform development of Gene Codes Sequencher™ application using XP and SCRUM methodologies. Major contributions include conversion of Sequencher™ from a Macintosh Classic to a Macintosh OS X native application and maintain Windows cross-platform capabilities. This was critical for moving the application forward, as the Mac Classic architecture was being phased out. Successfully completed 5 annual releases of (Sequencher Version 4.2 - 4.8) on schedule. Developed a daily build process and final product installers.

Conversion of the Think Class Library (TCL) framework from a Mac Classic API to a Mac Carbon API. Participated in data modeling, user interface and architecture design sessions. Over the years added many new features and functions to Sequencher™ 4.x. Helped in laying the groundwork for future versions of Sequencher™, by breaking out and re-implementing some core functionality with more modern C++ libraries and generic programming techniques.

Gene Codes

Mac OS X 10.3-10.5, MS-Windows XP/2000/Vista, Linux. C++ - STL, Boost, Qt, CppUnit, CxxTest. Bourne shell, awk, Perl, AppleScript. Perforce, subversion SCM. Installshield for Windows, InstallerVISE for Macintosh. Cocoa framework and Carbon API, Trolltech Qt framework and Windows API. XCode 2.5 IDE, Metrowerks Codewarrior 9 IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio 8 IDE.


Independent Consultant
Xephyr Systems
Brownstown, MI

Provided consulting and contract work on a Web Based Application to create a training tracking and tuition processing system for Ford Motor Company employees. Converted an enterprise legacy database system into a web based intranet system.

Ford National Training Center

Windows NT, AS/400, DB2, Netscape or Internet Explorer Clients on any platform. Also work with Apache webserver, Oracle 8 Database, using WebObjects, Java, Javascript, HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP communications and Networking.


Technical Coordinator
Health Media Research Laboratory
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

Technical Coordinator for the Health Media Research Laboratory. The lab is part of the University of Michigan Cancer Center and is engaged in the creation of instructional software and multimedia software used to inform and raise public awareness of cancer research and health risks.

Duties included supervising and supporting a sfaff of software engineers and multimedia programmers. Evaluating new technolgies, particularly networking hardware and software and their possible applications in information dissemination. Meeting with various community leaders and medically oriented organizations in order to secure grants and participation in the promotion of health education materials. Working with other university staff members in order to better utilize resources which were available within the University. Promote greater learning by hiring a staff of student interns and participating in university groups.

Health Media

Sun Solaris servers, Windows NT servers, Linux, Win95 & Macintosh clients, Netscape and Apache webservers, Oracle 8 Database, using C++, Objective-C, Java, Perl, Javascript, HTTP, HTML, XML,TCP/IP communications and Networking.


Independent Consultant
Xephyr Systems
Phoenix, AZ

Developing a portable Sales automation tool for the auto dealerships. Implementation of sales forms and prospect tracking on Apple Newton hand held devices, which includes an up to date database of Kelly Blue Book used auto prices. All information gathered by the portable devices is communicated to a Macintosh database server and web server this is then shared over a LAN intranet, or WAN intranet for reporting and administrative purposes.


Macintosh System 7.5, Newton System 2.0, WebStar webserver, Filemaker Pro Database, using NewtonScript, Perl, Javascript, HTTP, HTML, TCP/IP communications and Networking.


Senior Consultant
Grant Thornton
Denver, CO

Project leader and consultant with the Advanced Technology Practice of Grant Thornton. System integration for telecommuncations company in the Phoenix area. Integrated Scopus Proteam problem tracking software to Avalon Manufacturing software. Used Scopus Design Team and TCL development environment to create custom applications for technician dispatching, tracking repaired equipment (RMA), and technical support functions. These custom modules were then integrated with Avalon manufacturing software.


Multiple HP 9000 Servers running HPUX 10, using Sybase System 10, Intel PCs as clients, developed in TCL/TK, Visual BASIC, PowerBuilder, X-Windows.

Project leader and consultant with the Advanced Technology Practice of Grant Thornton. Assigned as project leader of a mission critical application for a prominent health care company in the Detroit area. Manage a group of 8 developers, make assessments and recommendations to executive level officers. Coordinate with UNIX system-analyst and data-base administrator to integrate the client application, with middle-ware products, and other server functions. Project accomplishments: Building a working model of all business functions using a technique known as Extended Relational Analysis (ERA). Capturing all business rules, and applying some business process re-engineering at departmental levels. Designing the look and feel, and functionality of the GUI for the client-application. Building an object class library for developers to use in implementing the client applications.


Sun Servers running Solaris, using Sybase System 10 for database server, Intel PCs with SQL-Windows and Quest as client tools, EZ-RPC for middleware, SQR for batch reporting, Microsoft Visual C++ for DLL development and SparcWorks C++ for server custom development.


Research Engineer
Cybernet Systems Corp.
Ann Arbor, MI

Software engineer for a government funded research lab which develops and designs a variety of AI, robotic and human factors software. In addition to the software and hardware development I performed research, wrote proposals and status reports for government related contracts. Projects include:

  • a Human Computer Interaction tool for determining what would be the most intuitive cockpit display
  • a real time navigation system for vehicles using a Global Positioning System (GPS),
  • a decision making tool using a method known as the Analytic Hierarchical Process (AHP),
  • a Portable Operator Control Station for the DARPA un-manned ground vehicle project.

A variety of PC and Unix platforms, using C, C++, LISP, Pascal, Device Drivers, Robotic controllers.


Software Engineer
Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Developed software for United States Postal Service (USPS) project for Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of hand written zip codes. Work involved developing artificial intelligence algorithms and neural networks for doing OCR on cursive handwriting, as well as developing a custom database of known addresses in the US for fast context sensitive search of zip codes.


Development was performed on a Symbolics Lisp Machine, using the LISP programming language, and Sun workstations using C.


System Analyst
Lutz Associates Inc.
Farmington Hills, MI

Developed, installed and maintained various database systems for Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, AT&T, Michigan Cancer Foundation, and others. System administrator for in house desktop publishing operation, composed of a Macintosh/PC Local Area Network.


IBM AS400, using RPG-400, UNIX and Informix database, Macintosh, PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, LinoType typesetting and desktop publishing.