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Apple Macintosh Solitaire Game

Play klondike solitaire on your Mac.

Apple doesn't include a solitaire player with your Mac. So I created one and named it Amphibian. The name is supposed to evoke images of frogs, nice green frogs, on lush green vegetation. Amphibian has an old retro pixelated look, which I stubbornly maintain. I hope you like that, because it's getting harder and harder to get the pixelation thing to work. Give Amphibian a try, it is absolutely free, and addictively fun, I guarantee.

Any and all feedback is welcome, in fact it is down right encouraged. Fill out the contact form on the web site or email me directly.


  • Simple interface
  • Simple rules
  • Plays klondike, the game everyone knows and loves
  • Frogs


Amphibian is free, you can download it here...

Platforms Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
Version 1.6.3 (63)
Date August 30, 2015
Download Macintosh Installer Package
Amphibian_1.6.3.pkg...................... (4.3M) Download
SHA-1: 32a487855400810276e73127911abc104264af0c

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