It’s what we do

As a software developer I am almost always tinkering with new and interesting technologies. In the learning process I sometimes end up developing an application or game that is worth sharing.

Check out the Downloads page, and to see the full list.

Some Special Areas of Interest

I have an interest is 3-dimensional graphics, from a pure desire to create images and to be able to test in a visual way what a computer can do. As an exercise in computer graphics and vector mathematics I created a simple 3-D rendering program. I use it to render images like this one…


Artificial Intelligence, is definitely another area of interest for me.  Sure, it might take over the world someday, but it’s so much fun to play with.

While it is not true AI, I have built a 3d-tic-tac-toe game which incorporates a search technique that is commonly used for creating an opponent in strategic games.


Also, there is the ever popular web application for playing crossword style word games the BigOpolis Fill-it-In Puzzles  There is a different and unique puzzle every day.  The puzzles are generated through the help of my fill-it-in puzzle maker, which uses search techniques that would be familiar to students of AI.

There are a many other algorithms and applications that are of interest to me. I work on all of the above and on, web based, mobile, desktop and cloud based applications.  With all of that, I hope to post a bit more and also to learn more by sharing my experiences.